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‘YeahMoon! Team Jamaica to the Universe’ … to be Launched at Emerge Festival on April 29, 2016

Dr. Claire Nelson, Ideation Leader of The Futures Forum, will be presenting as a Storyteller at Arizona State University’s Emerge Festival of the Future at the Tempe Campus on April 29,. 2016. This year’s theme is Sport 2040 and will feature designers and innovators at the leading edge of the Future of Sport. From wearable technologies to e-Sports to Robot Games — researchers and innovators will converge at the festival slated to help shape the future.

‘Yeah Moon! Team Jamaica to the Universe’ tells the story of Jamaica’s entry in the Space Goodwill Games in 2040. In 2040, the Olympics with its complement of over 150,000 athletes from 220 countries – large and small– continues to be the locus for the new Cold War, and other wars for national pride and glory, are fought by proxy in the medal count. Back in 2032, the International Olympics Committee decided to chart a new course in the history of sporting, with the launch of the Olympic Global Space Games. The Space Goodwill Games are they are popularly called, was established in part to help dampen conflicts brewing with respect to space tourism, space settlements and space sustainability, and promote multi-national and trans-national understanding on the extra-planetary scale. In addition, it is expected that billions of dollars in profits will be made by the companies sponsoring the games.

In the upcoming III Space Goodwill Games 2040 of the XXXV Olympiad – all eyes are on the Team from Jamaica – the once and always audacious island nation. Team Jamaica has qualified for the Steeple-Chase CrossTour, making it the ONLY non-space faring nation to have a team in the 2040 Space Goodwill Games.

Watch Out for them as Team Jamaica takes on the Universe.

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Project SOFIE

The Futures Forum (TFF) will commemorate UN International Water Day, March 22nd with Project SOFIE’s Twitter Exploration on ‘The Future of Water’ taking center stage.   Project SOFIE is a project of ‘The Futures Forum’ in collaboration with ‘function(core)’ a leading immersive reality design company.

Project SOFIE (Social Observation of Futures for International Engagements) was established to glean information on global challenges facing humanity to the year 2030 about the year 2030, in order to assist in ‘storifying’ the UN SDGS & Agenda 2030.  Project SOFIE is expected to run for one year.

“Goal 6 of the UN SDGs – Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation For All” exists because 663 million people are still without access and at least 1.8 billion people globally use a source of drinking water that is fecally contaminated; and water scarcity affects more than 40 per cent of the global population and is projected to rise; and every day nearly 1,000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation-related diseases.  In order to achieve this goal, we will need to create a widely shared vision of our preferred future and that demands that we move from data to meaning’, says Dr. Claire A. Nelson, the curator of the project.

For more information about Project SOFIE, please visit http://sofie.functioncore.io


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